Milford Micro is an innovative, accessible, on-demand ride service. This exciting service is available to anyone wanting to get to work, go to restaurants, and more! Funded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Milford Transit District, the program uses accessible vans and sedans to bring people all over Milford. This program utilizes fully vetted and trained drivers and is operated by a local company, M7.

How does Milford Micro work?

Instead of buses on fixed routes, Milford Micro passenger vans and vehicles operate on-demand in a designated zone to connect you to where you want to go…when you want to go. When you order a ride, the program will look to match you with a vehicle headed in your direction – it’s as simple as that!

How do I book a ride with Milford Micro?

There are three ways to book a ride with Milford Micro:

    • Download the app and create an account using the QR code above.

    • Click here to go to our website and create an account.

    • Call (203) 916-9339 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.

    How much does a trip cost and how much do I pay?

    Each trip costs an affordable price of $3 per passenger and children under 2 years of age ride for free. You may by loading a credit or debit card into the app or website, providing one of our customer service reps with your credit or debit card information, or using exact cash in the vehicle.

    Please note we will not be able to give change for cash payments. We appreciate your understanding!

    I’m going to an important doctor’s appointment. Can someone help me get into the vehicle?

    All drivers are trained and vetted by M7, a local company that specializes in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. M7 is the only NEMTAC accredited company in Connecticut – all drivers are trained to assist passengers when necessary.

    How do I know when a driver will pick me up?

    Ride bookings specify a 10-minute time window for pick up. We advise that you are ready to board or take your trip at the beginning of your pick-up time window. You will receive an updated estimated time of arrival as your ride approaches and a notification when your ride has reached the pick-up location.

    Updates are sent via SMS and the Ride Gwinnett app. You also have the option to use the app to track your vehicle’s location in real time as it comes to pick you up.

    How long will the driver wait for me?As a courtesy to your co-riders, the driver may only wait up to two minutes for you to reach the pick-up location. To stay on schedule, the vehicle will depart if you do not show up within the two-minute waiting period.

    Can I change my pick-up location or destination?
    No, but you can cancel your ride and book a new ride with your new pick-up or drop-off location.