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We will send you an application. You can schedule transportation rides during this period.

Yes, they will help riders on and off the van. However, they do not bring wheelchairs up or down any stairs. They will go into a lobby of a facility only, where it would be safe to leave the vehicle.

The earlier you make your appointment the better chance you will have of getting service. We ask for a 3 day window.

As long as the companion allowed is not handicapped.

You can go anywhere in town. Such as Hair salons, the library, shopping, doctors etc.

In the event you cannot drive the vehicle with the permit on it to the train station (car being repaired, etc.) please call 203-874-4507 to tell MTD you are driving an alternate vehicle and she will direct the parking attendant to give you a temporary pass for the day.

Permit sticker must be permanently affixed to the right front passenger side windshield to be considered valid.

Stickers are not transferable. Selling, purchasing or giving away a permit that is registered to a permit holder is prohibited. If you no longer need to use your permit and there are unused months available on that permit return it to Milford Transit District for a prorated refund.

Please see the attendant in the Daily Lot for parking arrangements.

Please call 203-874-4507 for parking and railroad information.

Yes, overnight parking is allowed in all lots. Overnight parkers are urged to park in highly visible areas. If you need to park overnight see the Daily attendant or call the Milford Transit office.

Yes, Parking is free on weekends at all Milford Transit Districts parking lots (#1to #4) until Sunday Midnight. Milford Transit District is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles or property.